Ripple lawyer urges fact-check of Gary Gensler’s speech, says SEC actions seen as ‘shady’

SEC Chair Gary Gensler shared a speech on X, triggering heated reactions across the crypto community.

As Gary Gensler reiterated the United States Securities and Exchange

Commission’s mandate in a speech, Ripple’s lawyer and various crypto community members responded,

criticizing the SEC chair and arguing that the commissioner’s words contradict his actions.

On Nov. 16, SEC Chair Gary Gensler shared a video of him conducting

a speech at the 2023 Securities Enforcement Forum.

In the speech, he highlighted the words of the first SEC chair, Joseph P. Kennedy, saying that the government agency should be “partners of honest business and prosecutors of dishonesty.”

The post on X (formerly Twitter) triggered responses from various crypto community members, including Ripple chief legal officer Stuart Alderoty, who is currently

engaged in a legal battle against the SEC. According to Alderoty,

the SEC chair’s recent remarks should be fact-checked and that Gensler has “prejudged crypto and has filed suit against others without investigation.”

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