Game distributor G2A opens gaming-focused NFT marketplace

G2A Capital Group CEO Bartosz Skwarczek said that the marketplace

will help gamers find information on Web3 games and buy and sell assets associated with the games.

Digital game vendor G2A has recently launched a marketplace for

nonfungible tokens (NFTs) linked to Web3 games to expand its offerings by adding gaming NFTs to its wider collection of gaming software.

According to a press release sent to Cointelegraph,

the new venture launched on Nov. 15 is aimed at giving exposure to Web3 and NFT games that the G2A team has curated.

With this, gamers will have the chance to see what blockchain gaming offers and be shown NFTs from games partnered with G2A.

Bartosz Skwarczek, the CEO of the G2A Capital Group, said in a statement that the company has been following the development of the blockchain gaming

sector since the advent of NFT gaming project Cryptokitties.

As it watched, it discovered that gamers already engage with the sector despite some believing gamers hate crypto. He explained:

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