5 blockchain-based social media platforms to know

Discover five blockchain-based social media platforms that are reshaping online interactions.

This article will discuss five well-known blockchain-based social media sites: Steemit, Verasity, Binded, Audius and Sapien.



By fostering a thriving ecosystem of content producers and paying them directly, Steemit’s strategy transforms the conventional social media model.


Through blockchain technology, Verasity ensures the authenticity of views and provides a secure environment for content creators to monetize their videos. With features like ad blocking and ad fraud prevention, Verasity aims to improve the overall video content experience, while offering a sustainable monetization model for creators.


By leveraging the power of blockchain, Binded has successfully recorded and protected over 350,000 images, establishing itself as a reliable platform for copyright protection.

In addition, Binded has simplified the copyright registration process for Instagram photos. Whenever a user posts an image on Instagram with the hashtag #Binded, it triggers an instant registration of the photo, ensuring quick and efficient copyright protection.

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Audius offers transparency, equitable rewards and censorship resistance by utilizing blockchain technology. Building networks and engaging with fans directly allows artists to get immediate feedback on their work.


Sapien has used blockchain technology to create a decentralized reputation system that promotes high-quality contributions and prevents spam and false information. Users can create customized news feeds and have meaningful conversations with other users who share their interests.

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