SEC vs. Ripple: Pro-XRP lawyer urges Clayton, Hinman testimony

John Deaton points out that testimony from former SEC officials Bill Hinman and Jay Clayton during the SEC vs. Ripple Labs case would have categorized XRP as a non-security early on.

Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton says that the United States Securities and Exchange

Commission (SEC) erred in filing aiding and abetting allegations against Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

Deaton that testimony from former SEC officials Bill Hinman and Jay Clayton during.would have categorized XRP 

as a non-security early on, but the agency deliberately disregarded this information for an extended period.

On X (formerly Twitter), user Digital Asset Investor.XRP if it were his choice,

he would have summoned a16z attorneys Lowell Ness and Chris Dixon as initial witnesses

in the SEC vs. Ripple legal battle, along with former SEC officials Clayton and Hinman.

Deaton agreed that it was essential for Hinman to provide testimony but that there was no chance to legally summon a former SEC chair for a trial. Nevertheless, Deaton

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contends that the SEC erred in its decision to charge Garlinghouse,

especially considering Clayton’s inclination to file a complaint against executives on a personal basis in a non-fraudulent context.

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Obtaining clarification from Clayton and Hinman could have averted

legal expenses and time consumption, potentially boosting cryptocurrency adoption.

The SEC aims to reverse the decision even after Judge Analisa Torres ruled that XRP is not a security in certain instances.

Recently, a significant XRP whale  to exchanges while the price continued breaching its support levels.

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