How to build a crypto portfolio without spending any money or time trading

a crypto portfolio

Some say “it takes money to make money,” but this isn’t true in crypto. Here’s a few free ways to start

building a portfolio

Starting to invest in cryptocurrency does not necessarily require connecting with a bank account or spending fiat to purchase Bitcoin 

$1,643. Another way to earn cryptocurrency and build a portfolio is to complete a variety of tasks on various Web3 platforms.

Using  platforms, users can earn cryptocurrency and then swap, sell or hold it in centralized or decentralized wallets without even having to spend money.

Let’s look at a few ways to build a crypto portfolio without connecting a bank account.

Interact with Web3 browsers

A person without cryptocurrency knowledge might be intimidated by the process of downloading wallets and performing on-chain transactions. An alternative is simply interacting with technology, and currently, there are multiple ways to experiment with different crypto platforms. One is replacing Web2 technology with a .

Google dominates the web browser and search engine space, making money off users by selling data to advertisers. The Brave browser is an alternative platform where users earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) and fully own their data while searching. Users earn from their activity on advertisers’ websites, and  search engine posts, which provides users with a more decentralized search experience.

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Currently, Brave shares 70% of its advertising revenue, and some users choose to sell their earned BAT on centralized exchanges or through Web3 wallets like MetaMask.

Social media content creation and free NFT mints

NFTs continue to grow in popularity, and potential crypto investors can use a variety of free software to analyze the wallet addresses of successful NFT investors that minted high-value NFTs and also try to find free NFT minting and whitelist opportunities.

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