‘Every customer solution’ will be integrated with AI: Microsoft CEO

In an annual letter, Satya Nadella outlined Microsoft’s plans for AI, which includes integrating AI and its Copilot across the firm’s “most used products.”

Microsoft looks set to go all-in on artificial intelligence (AI), with chairman and CEO

Satya Nadella outlining intentions to integrate AI with all its customer solutions and every layer of tech stacks.

The firm has made several significant AI plays in 2023, with its partnership with OpenAI and its web browser-integrated AI Copilot being key examples of this.

In an annual letter shared via LinkedIn on Oct. 19 — a Microsoft-owned platform that recently rolled out an AI assistant — Nadella emphasized that

the “next generation of AI will reshape every software category and every business, including our own.”

“Every customer solution area and every layer of our tech stack will be reimagined for the AI era. And that’s exactly what we’ve already begun to do.”
Speaking on the firm’s AI Copilot, Nadella outlined that Microsoft is “building Copilot into all our most used products and experiences,” as well as creating a standalone app.

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“Just like you boot up an OS to access applications or use a browser to visit websites today, our belief is that you will invoke a Copilot to do all those activities and more: to shop, to code, to analyze, to learn, to create,” he wrote.

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